C.K. Wiles

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Romance Author

Big Game

Denise Baldwin doesn’t do relationships. 


She barely has time for a one-night stand. But missing after-work cocktails with Rob, her best friend and favorite law enforcement park ranger ... she wouldn’t dream of it. The little dive bar is the perfect place for Denise to vent about her new protégé, who is as annoyingly perky as she is ambitious. Rob has work issues too. A high-tech poaching ring has set up business in his part of the woods. Pursuing them into the back country with nothing but his pistol and a can of bear spray has him taking risks Denise doesn’t even want to know about.

Unexpected feelings bloom in a moment of vulnerability, causing their relationship to take a turn for the worse. Denise can’t seem to do anything right at work and Rob’s mind is anywhere but on the job. When the stakes rise and their worlds crash together, everything falls apart leaving Denise and Rob to reconcile their differences before it's open season on their lives.


Curtain Call Series

Steamy, laugh out loud, romantic comedies ...
Lost love ... Sultry secrets
Daring desire ... Knotty trouble
Flirty discovery ... Seductive fun
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The last place Kristin wanted to land her first accounting job was a theater and the last person she expected to see there was her first heartbreak, Devon Dashner. A gallon of hair dye and a decade of practicality are enough to disguise her identity, but Devon’s boyish personality and constantly shirtless body has Kristin wanting to work his payroll between the spreadsheets all over again. 

Fran loves her job as the theater manager at the Plaisir De Rouge. She’s surrounded by friends, her world-class Pez dispenser collection and her boyfriend, Peter, the all American eat-your-heart-out surfer model look alike. Life couldn’t be better—not until an eccentric duo shows up with an act hot enough to scorch Fran's perspective.

Life is never dull for Kristin at the Plaisir De Rouge. She fills her time with accounting formulas, crazy friends and a perpetually shirtless boyfriend, hot enough to melt chocolate with his smile. Now, secrets have been unearthed in the depths of the theater’s basement revealing crime, passion and a few fainthearted friends.