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ABOUT C.K. Wiles

C.K. Wiles lives in Colorado and loves nothing more than walking her dog on a chilly day, writing a good story and irritating the neighbor’s noisy cat. When she’s not loitering around a firefighter’s workout room for inspiration, you can find her hard at work, editing manuscripts, consulting with other authors and writing steamy scenes to heat up her latest book. C.K. is an adventurous hermit a with a unicorn’s soul who enjoys spicy sesame chicken and smooth scotch. Nothing can shake her zeal for life and all its crazy experiences; not even a friendly, feline nemesis wailing out his revenge beneath her bedroom window.


C.K. WIles is the pen name and fictional persona created by authors, Chuck Harrelson and Kerrie Flanagan . You can learn more about this duo and their co-author experience on the Stark Reflections Podcast or on Pat Stoltey's blog

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